Mario Gaimann

Mario Gaimann

Doctoral Researcher

University of Stuttgart

Hi, I’m Mario!

I’m a doctoral researcher in the International Max Planck Research School for Intelligent Systems (IMPRS-IS) and the Graduate Academy of the Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SimTech) with a background in physics. My supervisors are

  • Dr. Miriam Klopotek (Many-Body Simulations and Machine Learning Group, Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SimTech), University of Stuttgart)
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Holm (Institute for Computational Physics (ICP), University of Stuttgart)
  • Dr. Georg Martius (Autonomous Learning Group, Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Tübingen).

I am interested in applying methods from many-body physics to machine learning, for example using reservoir computing.
I am curious about finding optimal conditions for learning in these systems using tools and techniques from statistical physics. An application is the forecasting of complex and chaotic spatio-temporal systems.
Emergence and collective behavior, evolutionary methods, artificial life as well as open-endedness are topics that interest me as well.


Recent Publications

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(2020). Early life imprints the hierarchy of T cell clone sizes. eLife.

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(2020). Structural characterization of an ionic liquid in bulk and in nano-confined environment using data from MD simulations. Data in Brief.


(2019). Observation of high-temperature macromolecular confinement in lyophilised protein formulations using terahertz spectroscopy. International Journal of Pharmaceutics: X.


(2019). Insights from molecular dynamics simulations on structural organization and diffusive dynamics of an ionic liquid at solid and vacuum interfaces. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science.


About Me


  • 2014 - 2018: Bachelor of Science in Materials Physics, Friedrich Alexander Unviersity of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany
  • 2016 - 2017: Year Abroad with the ERASMUS+ programme, University of York, UK
  • 2018 - 2021: Master of Science in Physics (Biophysics Track), Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Research Internships

Awards and Grants

  • ERASMUS+ Scholarship (2016)
  • DAAD RISE Worldwide Scholarships (2017 and 2018)
  • Best Performace Award, Summer of HPC 2021
  • HPC-Europa3 Grant (2022)

I am very grateful for the ideational and financial support by the German National Academic Foundation (Studienstiftung), the Max Weber Program of the State of Bavaria and the Elite Network of Bavaria during my Bachelor and Master studies.


In my free time I like to send and receive postcards with Postcrossing, learning to play the guitar, learning Italian and going for a run.


Please feel free to get in touch :)

  • Universitätsstraße 32
    70569 Stuttgart
  • Stuttgart Center for Simulation Science (SC SimTech)
    Cluster of Excellence EXC 2075 “Data-Integrated Simulation Science”
    University of Stuttgart